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Our Values

At Lovebird Weddings, we are really passionate about the way we operate and how we work. Our core brand values reflect on what we think makes us different and also what keeps us solid as a tight-knit team of planners and stylists.


  1. We only buy and present quality décor and furniture – no scuffs, scratches or marks – we take care over every piece that is presented on a wedding day – and this means everything to us.
  2. We value the importance of creating bespoke and original designs, which is why all our planning clients get our bespoke styling service (valued at $600) for free – we want you to have a day that’s about you, not just a replica of someone else’s vision.
  3. We are experts in systems and processes, which is why we are launching in 2019 the world’s leading wedding planning and styling software.
  4. Our service is friendly and stress-free…and we all absolutely love what we do. So, if you are having a rough day, don’t worry, we will cheer you up. We do this every day for a living, so the processes and problems that you might face, are not new to us. We approach every problem with a solution.
  5. We intend on being visionaries for the wedding industry, in everything we do to make the wedding planning and styling experience more streamlined and fun. We’re also super creative, and keen to show off our styling genius with the unique styled shoots we do each year.
  6. We have a strong and loyal relationship with our venues and suppliers, who are also our customers. We love working with amazing people, so it’s important to us that we manage and nurture those relationships…as you start working with us, you will see what we mean. Having a tribe around you that love working together is so important for a stress-free day.
  7. As a team, we are tight-knit collaborators, always working together for the greater good of our clients…if you haven’t noticed already, the Lovebird Weddings team gets on well. We have a laugh and are always smiling. We brainstorm ideas together, so even though you might have one account manager you work with, you’re always working with a bigger team.
  8. We believe in creating dream jobs inside our organisation, so that we can create dream weddings outside. Yes, it’s pretty simple…if we love what we do, you’re much more likely to see us looking for ways to exceed your expectations throughout the wedding planning process.

We are always looking for ways to improve our service experience, so feedback is always encouraged through our customer service surveys.

However, if you are interested to hear more about what some of our customers think about us…click here to read through some of our reviews over the years.


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