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Fun and Eventful. Rustic Garden Party.

Base palette of white, antique white and ivory. Complemented with shades plum, maroon, mink and pale lavender. Teamed with green foliage and rustic timbers.

Cathy and Alan chose the country backdrop of Spicers Hidden Vale to create a weekend full of fun and games for their guests. Over 3 days the guests were treated to hot air balloon rides, pony rides, archery, 4wd tours, and of course their incredible wedding day.

To view the film, click here.

Dream Team: Venue: Spicers Hidden Vale; Photographer: Cookoo Photography & Design; Film maker: Motion Reel Films; Planner and Stylist: Lovebird Weddings; Florist: Mondo Floral Designs; Celebrant: Jay Flood of Noosa Style Ceremonies; Entertainment: Mick Lindsay; Hair: Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing; Makeup: TF Makeup; Hot Air Balloons: Floating Images



Showcasing the beauty in raw materials, layered with earthy hues and enhanced by the natural landscape.

A base palette of Warm Whites… Complimented by Dusky Shades of Pink, Subdued Yellows, Earthy Peaches & Berries… Teamed with Leather, Woods, Gold & Natural Foliage.

Our styled shoot takes place at Maleny Manor, a secluded private estate and one of the Sunshine Coast’s most prestigious wedding venues.

Photographed by Marcus Bell, of Studio Impressions, and complimented with this incredibly powerful film by Lester & May:

The shoot was conceived by Lovebird Weddings who created the colour palette, concept design and engaged all the suppliers. Lovebird Weddings is a bespoke wedding planning and styling agency based in Noosa, an iconic wedding destination on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

The concept behind the ceremony was to enhance to undulating view across the valley and out to the ocean. We kept this setting clean with a natural fibre aisle runner lined by a full and indulgent floral feature and crisp white Hampton chairs.

A clear marquee sitting on the edge of the valley showcases a relaxed, yet elegant, dining experience! Featuring timber tables, ceramic plates, copper cutlery, leather napkin ties, metallic hand painted menus inside timber envelopes, hand dyed dusty pink runners, gold candlesticks and lush floral arrangements. Warm fairy lights and a beaded chandelier hanging created soft lighting as the sun set.

The pavilion featured a decadent after-dinner lounge and grazing cake bar. With cigar brown leather chesterfields, carved timber coffee tables, luscious throws & rugs, copper pendant lights and a beautiful selection of cakes on display.

Why this shoot is super special

There were a number of bespoke pieces created especially for this shoot that make it super special.

a local ceramic artist designed a beautiful collection of dinner plates, dessert bowls & tiny serving dishes for this shoot.

MXM Couture created a one-of-a-kind gown designed especially for this shoot. We also worked closely with a talented local singer/songwriter who tugged on everyones heart strings with his cover of never tear us apart by Australian band, INXS have a listen to the moving film by Lester & May showcasing his work on  our films page.


Venue: Maleny Manor; Stylist: Lovebird Weddings; Photographer: Studio Impressions; Film maker: Lester & May; Florist: Mondo Floral Designs; Marquee: Events in Tents; Cakes: Cake Designs; Gown: MXM Couture; Suits: Mitchell Ogilvie Menswear; Hair: Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing; Makeup: Natalie Hunter; Models: Boss Models; Stationery: Cass Deller; Crocker: Kim Wallace Ceramics; Cutlery: Gold Wedding Hire; Music: Dan McGahan



What inspired this shoot?

I fell in love with Moroccan wedding blankets, their incredible detailing, those antique sequins, all the family hands that go into making one blanket, and what that blanket stands for to a new bride. The purchase of my own Moroccan wedding blanket, then led onto the purchase of some new Moroccan pieces for Lovebird Weddings which just naturally took the form for our shoot.

Were there any particular items on your inspiration board?

The wedding blanket, lots of natural wooden furniture, comfy cushions, leather pouffs, and lanterns.

What was the colour palette?

The base colour palette is very neutral featuring Ivory, Cream, Champagne, Brushed Gold, Natural Timbers and Organic Foliage

This was then teamed with delicate pops of Warm Copper & Burnt Orange, Garnet, Eggplant and Indigo Blue.

How would you describe the style of this shoot?

Moroccan-infused, elegant, luscious, on location

Infused with Moroccan style, and set amongst a manicured Australian macadamia farm, this shoot layers colours, flavours, foliage and fabrics to create relaxed luxury. 

What were the key stylistic and decor elements?

The ceremony was created using the lake pontoon feature on this incredible private macadamia farm…muslin softened and floated into the water, and we used an antique wooden bench seat to create the altar piece, Persian carpets to bring depth and comfort to the floor and a decadent floral design to bring all the elements together as one piece. Hanging plants also added to the luscious feeling of the altar space.

The garden party setting was created within a tipi which provided a cosy space in which to build an oversized lounge setting. Lots of greenery and comfy cushions and leather pouffs were teamed with an antique lounge setting, recently reupholstered.

A bride and grooms chill out space was created across the lake, and this is where we used the Moroccan wedding rug as a key feature, along with wooden pallets to create a head to our day bed.

We wanted to create an intimate reception setting up the macadamia rows, with a feasting feel about the table. Lots of textures created this setting, including wooden tables, rattan place mats and napkin rings, copper cutlery and hand-written name cards and menus…plus lots of texture throughout the floral vessels and lanterns. Another element on top of this was the food platters, all vintage trays filled with bright a colourful share food. How did you put them together to create the overall mood and atmosphere?

The key to this style I felt was the multiple layering, comfy textiles, and the use of a lot of greenery.

How important was the location to the finished product?

The location was a perfect canvas to work with offering a variety of its own textures via the lake, the hut on the lake, macadamia rows, and manicured lawns surrounded by some exquisite native trees. It is one of our new favourite venues.

What kind of mood were you trying to create?

Relaxed decadence

What kind of bride do you imagine might have this type of wedding?

I think that this bride would be looking for an outdoor wedding, but not too wild – this location is groomed, and therefore, luxurious in its own right. This style suits an intimate wedding, with the bride wanting to create the feeling of relaxed decadence with an international flavour.

Why did you want to create this shoot?

I wanted to do something that bought international inspiration to a gorgeous Australian setting and I have a passion for Moroccan food and styling, so this helped!

Did you incorporate any cakes?

The cakes were all created using Moroccan flavours and textures. Things like rich caramels, figs, and then pistachios and pomegranates really bought the tastes of Morocco through.

Any particular highlights or funny moments from the shoot?

As with any styling job, to push the boundaries, we really do walk on the wild side and yes, when working on a pontoon, there was bound to be one moment of recklessness and yes, someone is bound to get wet!

Venue: A private macadamia farm; Photographer: Jodi McDonald Photography; Hair: Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing; Makeup: TF Makeup; Gowns: Erin Clare Couture; Stylist: Lovebird Weddings; Caterer: Spoonfed Catering; Florist: Mondo Floral Designs; Cake: Wild Child Catering; Stationery: Cass Deller Design; Tipi: Tipi Luxe; Greenery: Freshen the Impression; Film maker: Wild Bunch Weddings; Model: Boss Models; Moroccan Wedding Blanket: Souk & Co; Shoes: Forever Soles; Cutlery: Gold Wedding Hire; Jewellery: Cherrywood Designs










Styling with Charcoal and Copper.

Locale after dark pops with a little bit of metallic, and copper was the choice for this shoot.

The table design consisted of full length white cloths, and a long cascading charcoal runner. Decorative candles in black and copper sat alongside Mondo’s concrete and copper vases.

Venue: Locale; Stylist: Lovebird Weddings; Florist: Mondo Floral Designs; Photographer: Calli B Photography




Organice, Wild, and Free-Spirited

Base palette of Ivory and White…Pops of Nude, Khaki Rose, Mauve Taupe, Creamy Fig and Mulberry..Subtle hints of Shadowed Greys, Ice and Blueberry…Complimented by copious amounts of Lush, Wild Foliage and Natural Timbers

Our shoot took place amongst the wilderness and native grounds of Amaroo – a private property nestled in the Noosa Hinterland, on the Sunshine Coast.

Photographed by Talitha Crawford of Talitha Crawford Photography, with a breathtaking film captured by Motion Reel Films

This shoot was conceived by Lovebird Weddings who created the colour palette, concept design and engaged all the suppliers. Lovebird Weddings is a bespoke wedding planning and styling agency based in Noosa, an iconic wedding destination on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

The concept behind this shoot was to capture the essence of a raw, intimate and natural love story.

We wanted to portray an intimate ceremony with just close friends and the journey they walk together through life. Our bride and groom stood together amongst a wild flower and native grass lined jetty, overlooking the misty dam, with the hinterland rolling in around them. Their friends were seated on raw timber benches with sheep skins draped over them.

The group then gathered beneath a muslin draped tipi, amongst an unstructured secret garden hidden in the depths of the property, where the sunlight trickled through overhanging branches. It was filled with cow hides, sheep skins, cosy throws, large cushions and ottomans, along with a decadent array of sweet pastries and cakes displayed on tarnished silver trays. The group took this time to play naughts and crosses, sing, drink and indulge!

Beneath the tree we hung a macramé hammock, where the couple were able to have a short moment together – just the two of them.

The feasting style dinner was designed to be about the joy of food, flavour and quality time with friends. Pallets were stacked to create a long low set table and soft lace, linens and muslin fabrics were gathered and woven in and out of the pallets for a lovely textured effect. Dimmable globes fell from an overhanging branch and puddled across the table for a delicate lighting element. Atop the table sat unhemmed napkins, clusters of vintage plates and silverware, as well as raw wooden boards which hosted rustic cheeses, nuts, fruits, berries, syrups, honey and herbs for a tapas feast.

To end their day, the group sat around a roaring fire pit and then one by one, they retreated to their own private bell tents.

Venue: Amaroo Noosa; Planner & Stylist: Lovebird Weddings; Florist: Mondo Floral Designs; Photographer: Talitha Crawford; Film maker: Motion Reel Films; Makeup: Tasleema Nigh; Hair: Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing; Gown: White Bohemian; Male Clothing: GeorgexBetty; Shoes: Forever Soles; Jewellery: Melissa Harris Jewellery; Catering: Spoonfed; Cakes: Wildchild; Bell Tents: Pitch Luxury Camping



Showcasing the contemporary style of luxury island dining.


This colour palette features a base palette of Ivory & Crisp White, to which we have added Natural Raw Timbers & Coconut Husk with a sharp pop of Charcoal Black, and complimented by Copious amounts of Lush Natural Foliage & Tropical Greens.

 Our styled shoot takes place at Rickys Noosa, a fine dining restaurant on the Noosa River, and one of the Sunshine Coast’s most stunning waterfront wedding venues.

The ceremony at Access 12 was designed to feel like we were on a deserted island. With just the ocean as the backdrop, a white bamboo arch featuring a lush tropical foliage garland created a focal point and a window to the ocean view. 24 x white and black bistro chairs created the ceremony seating, and held the order of service created from large tropical leaves hand-painted with white script.  A white wooden entry sign with charcoal script tells of the love story about to unfold.

One long table was created beneath the lighting installation at Ricky’s…Our crisp white, hemstitched cloths bathed the timber floor creating a very clean and elegant base to the design. Dark oak Bentwood chairs bought a touch of rich timber to the design, drawing on the tones of the coconut husk. Table texture included the use of tropical foliage in marble vases and shattered coconut husks, which spilled across the centre of the table to create the runner. Glass hurricane lanterns were placed in amongst the table design for ambient lighting after dark. Each place setting included a layering of colours including a creamy main plate, white linen napkin, a charcoal side plate, and a coconut husk name place card.

Overlooking the river, a feature lounge hosted a decadent array of ottomans, carved timber side tables, a round jute rug and linen Chesterfield lounge… A Safari chair created an inviting nook with a corner cluster of tropical foliage. A collection of tropical palms, leaves and ferns in large glass bottles finished this elegant and relaxed lounge area.

Cake Design’s marble cake was placed on a round white Louis table and above it hung 5 single globes amongst a floral halo of tropical greens.

Venue: Access 12 and Rickys River Bar and Restaurant; Photographer: Studio Impressions; Stylist: Lovebird Weddings; Florist: Mondo Floral Designs; Cake: Cake Designs

On behalf of Sunshine Coast Brides magazine



Every time I look at the photos from this wedding, I both laugh and cry…there is just something crazily magical about Georgie and James, and Lovebird Weddings was so completely honoured to style their day. A huge thank you to the very talented team at Feather and Stone, who really bought this day to life with their incredible imagery.

If there is one thing that is constant about George and James, they’re always smiling, and always laughing. I enjoyed every minute of my time with them, both in the planning of their stunning day, and all through the day and into the night…and oh, how they danced!

They chose a Vintage Carnivale styled wedding, which immediately made me so happy…and all those beautiful colours. How I love styling with colour.But one of best moments looking back on these photos is the montage of James seeing Georgie for the first moment, and visa versa…it is these images that make me laugh and cry all in the same moment.

Congratulations Georgie and James. You two are amazing in every way.There is some commentary below to explain some of the cute details of this day. We especially love the wedding canopy we custom-made just for them. Tx

The gorgeous venue was the heritage listed Ewingsdale Hall, in a peaceful green valley near Byron Bay. Private and surrounded by amazing trees, it was the perfect spot for George & James joyous celebration! The scene was set with hay bale seating with eclectic lace and fabric throws, vintage bottles full of wildflowers, and a lemonade cart for guests upon arrival.

We created this handmade wedding canopy for George & James, which they can keep forever as a memento of their day and a cherished family heirloom.

And here is one of our favourite moments of the whole day – James’s expression when he saw George! Absolutely priceless!

Hoorah! Let the festivities begin!

The Garden Party & Sideshow Alley: George & James’s brief was simple: a very fun Vintage Carnival garden party, and we were so excited to get planning! We started with a colour palette of rustic neutrals and then piled on the joyful colour – lots of red, pink, orange, green & yellow.

Fun stalls were arranged around the lawn for a very memorable reception: Kissing Booth, Fairy Floss, Sweets, Popcorn and Punch, plus stylish seating areas and lawn games.

All the guests, big or small, got into the spirit of the day!

George & James chose a very unique Nomadic Tent for their sit down dinner, which was styled with colourful bunting, fairy lights and white lanterns. The long tables had taupe clothes and jute runners, with bright pops of floral colour and layers of vintage flatware, and artfully mismatched chairs & cushions for a fun whimsical feel. The richly coloured casual posies of flowers were piled into an eclectic assortment of jars, bottles, tins & teapots, and the whole effect was finished with the soft glow of tealights.

We knew that with this couple, the bridal waltz was going to be anything but ordinary…

May we never be too old to share fairy floss with our sweetie pie… x

And as the sun set on the Carnival of George & James, the sparklers were lit and the band began to play… and the real partying began! We wish these two a lifetime of joy, love, fairylights and fairyfloss!! x

This celebration of love & merriment was brought to you by:

Styling & decor: Lovebird WeddingsImages: Feather & Stone PhotographyVenue: Ewingsdale Hall, Byron Bay, Catering: Seaweed CuisineFlorals: [email protected]Marquee: Nomadic TentsGeneral Awesomeness: George & James!




I met Charlie some time ago, when we styled his brother’s wedding. Fast forward two years, and Charlie introduced me to his most amazing partner…Amy. Together they had a very specific styling brief, in fact it spanned two A4 pages, which made me think that these two were SERIOUS about creating a day that reflected them both. It was an exciting brief to receive.

They wanted colour (burnt oranges, reds and a hint of vintage jade)…they wanted an open air dance floor, exposed light bulbs, lots and lots of flowers, lots of different styles of floral vases, an extended canape area full of vintage furniture and old bath tubs for drinks, a big wheel of cheese for dessert, projected images of their friends and family, a barista, blackboard menus…but most important…they wanted a relaxed feel to their day, with all the important quality aspects ticked off. They wanted Fun, Romantic, Rustic…

And guess what…they got it all…and what an amazing day the two of them created.

It is my pleasure to profile this lovely day, created by Amy & Charlie, set at Spicers Hidden Vale, and photographed by the incredible eye of Jonathan Ong.

This is the country wedding that we all want to style…and Lovebird Weddings enjoyed every minute of it!

Thanks to all the suppliers: Celebrant: Celeste Frances Scott; Photographer: Jonathan Ong; Videographer: Focus Films; Tiffany Chairs: The Prop House; Marquee: Events in Tents; Floral Designs: Jocelyn Humble; Hair: Felix Nguyen; Makeup: Alex Horwill; Cake: Stephanie Fullotin; Music: Benjam; Barista: Events in Motion; Styling & Decor: Lovebird Weddings; Couch: CL Weddings & Events; Vine Chandeliers: Splash Events; On-day Wedding Planning: Lovebird Weddings. Also a big shout out to Greg Horwill, Father of the Bride…what an inspiring man…surely a wedding planner in a previous life!



Poetic, Ethereal, Raw, Dream State

Rich Palette, Artistic Detail, Dramatic, Opulent

Inspired by Ballet – Poise, Body, Organic, Movement

Romantic Spatial Story

A base palette of Delicate Whites, Soft Dusty Pinks & hint of Creamy Peach

To which we have added Rose, Blush, Boysenberries, Cherry & Maroon

Complimented by Pops of Mauve, Plum & Deep Bold Purples! 

Elegantly teamed with Sage & Lime foliage, Dark Oak Browns, Bronze & Tarnished Rich Golds.


Venue: Spicers Clovelly Estate; Photographer: Studio Impressions; Film: Lester and May; Stylist: Lovebird Weddings; Florist: Mondo Floral Designs; Gowns: Erin Clare Couture; Accessories: Amahle Bridal; Hair: Hair by Nicola; Makeup: Pru Edwards; Sweets: Cake Designs



Romantic Seaside Inspiration

Frosted Winter Blues

Derived from Nature

A base palette of Delicate Whites & Ivory…
To which we have added Mist, Blue-Grey, Navy, Palest of Pinks & Dusky Rose…
Complimented by Sand, Stormy Grey and Foliage.

Venue: Little Cove and Sails Noosa; Photographer: Studio Impressions; Film: Wild Bunch Weddings; Styling: Lovebird Weddings; Florist: Mondo Floral Designs; Gowns: MXM Couture; Suit: Suits Direct; Makeup: TF Makeup; Hair: Hair by Nicola; Car: Noosa Woody Hire: Cocktails: Your Gourmet Cocktail; Accommodation: Seahaven; Stationery: Cass Deller; Cake: Cake Designs