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Skye & Ben – Clarke Island, Sydney

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Dear Skye & Ben,

There were 3 things I never got to tell you on your wedding day…

  1. I love you both very much
  2. Thank you for allowing me the honour of styling your wedding
  3. Thank you for bringing people together…you both make so many people happy. Your wedding day was THE BEST EVER!

So let me tell you readers out there a story…

Skye Healey-Ward is my best friend. She is beautiful in every way…inside and out. Skye is independent, courageous, strong-willed, quick-witted, interesting, very smart, passionate, diverse and extremely loyal. She has more friends than I will ever know in my life, and incredibly, she is as close to all of them, as she is with me. She makes all her friends feel special…and that is a gift.

We met nearly ten years ago working on an amazing magazine called Frankie, based on the Gold Coast. We were co-workers, flatmates and friends. She once tried to show me how to make an entrance into a room…I have to admit, I could never quite pull it off as glamorously as she could.

Years later, she moved to Sydney, and I moved down not long afterwards. She told me one day of a man she had met. She was very confident that this was her man. I realised she was quite serious and was intrigued by the man that had captured her heart.

And so eventually I met Ben Ward. And Ben became my friend too. He’s warm and friendly, honest, well-travelled and well-read, a passionate environmentalist, and when he puts his heart into something, he really does it with all he’s got. He’s open-minded, and gracious…and he always gives me a big hug when I see him…and he listens…to everyone.

Skye and Ben fell in love. Which like other normal couples meant they argued frequently, and enjoyed the art of making up….until they figured each other out and realised something quite deep and meaningful about themselves…that they are different, but when together, extremely complimentary. Together they nurture each other. Through being together, they have been able to grow as individuals, and I am so proud of where they are today.

So that’s my story…now let’s talk about their wedding…wowser, what an amazing day it was. I think less commentary is better here…and it’s time to let the photos do the talking…thanks to Daniel Boud for the fantastic images. Check out his website, some seriously creative and interesting work on there.

Skye & Benjamin, Clarke Island, Sydney, 160 guests.The invitation read: “picnic, lawn games, singing, splish-splashin, dancing”

…enjoy! Tx

Photography by Daniel Boud. Styling by Lovebird Weddings.


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