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Spicers Canopy – Eco Friendly Wedding Venue

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I was lucky enough recently to spend a night at Spicers Canopy, an eco-lodge situated in the Scenic Rim, just 2 hours west of Brisbane. This is the sister property to Spicers Peak Lodge, which is just down the road and up the hill away, and I know Spicers Peak very well having planned and styled weddings at this incredible venue. But I had never been to Canopy.


I was quite keen to see how Spicers Canopy might appeal to our ever-growing number of eco-friendly brides. These environmentally conscious brides, who have made “green the new black” have a grown-up attitude to protecting our luscious landscape, combined with a refined taste in good food and wine, and want to wow their guests on their big day. I’ve not really found a venue that has delivered this perfectly for brides…until now.


Wow is definitely the first word that springs to mind when I relive my 15 hours at Spicers Canopy. This is my ultimate camping (sorry, glamping) experience! I’m a camping girl from way back, but I do like to enjoy the under-the-stars experience with a good bottle of red, and I like to know that when I lay down my head, there will at least be sheets involved!

But Spicers Canopy is this and so much more! At bedtime, I had a hot water bottle, which miraculously stayed hot all night…and their linens are absolutely scrumptious. It was like I was being hugged by my bed all night. When I woke the next morning, thanks to the local bird wakeup call, I felt rested, happy and fulfilled. If only my home was this comfy!

I can’t help but thank all the Spicers Canopy staff for making me feel so welcome. As with all the Spicers properties, the staff are the key to their success…always friendly, always informative, and genuinely interested in providing every guest with the most luxurious and comfortable experience.

And if you get a chance, you must take the opportunity to get to know local bushman Russell, your tour guide. Not only does he have some incredible stories about the history of our land, he’s also got the most beautiful love story…and as a wedding planner, you know how much I enjoy a good love story! I hope one day I will get to do one of Russell’s longer walks over the Spicers property – I was intrigued to hear more about the aboriginal tribe that walked on this land – where the women got to choose their husbands (and not the other way around)…and if the husband refused, they could be beheaded. Sounds like girl power to me, although as Russelll explains, this lead to a very segregated male and female population. The females literally scared the boys away! I so want to hear more…


Key Facts about Spicers Canopy:

  • 10 tents, each sleeping either a couple or 2 x twin shares
  • Price incl. Gourmet breakfast, evening canapés, 3 course Chef’s choice dinner and evening beverage package.
  • 90 min walk in to the lodge
  • Guided tours available with local bushman Russelll




So how does Canopy work for weddings?

  • Caters to up to 30 guests in either a sit down or cocktail style
  • The Bride & bridesmaids, and her parents, stay up the road at Spicers Peak Lodge the night prior to the wedding. They enjoy a degustation dinner that evening, and in the morning get ready in their suite, before being chauffeur driven by Spicers Peak Lodge’s 4WD to Canopy for the wedding.
  • The Groom, Groomsmen & Guests stay at Spicers Canopy. They enjoy a 1 hour walk-in the day prior to the wedding (don’t worry, all baggage gets delivered by car), enjoy canapés on arrival whilst the sun is setting, a 3 course Chef’s choice dinner in front of the fireplace, and retire to their tents. The next morning, they all get a cooked breakfast, and guests are invited to take a walk down to the local waterhole for a swim, returning at midday for a picnic lunch, after which they’ll get ready for the wedding ceremony.
  • What could be better than a ceremony overlooking this sort of view? Lovebird Weddings recommends natural wooden ceremony styling to go with this venue.
  • Reception ideas are endless…a relaxed picnic, long table under the stars, or two long tables in the formal dining room.
  • Far from next door neighbours, we recommend a dance floor out under the stars, or perhaps just a relaxing acoustic guitarist after dinner to help you all relax with a few good bottles of wine cheese platters out on the deck, and some marshmallows over the fireplace.
  • After the festivities, the Bride & Groom and their bridal party are chauffeured back to Spicers Peak Lodge.
  • The next day, guests are guided back out of Canopy, and can drive up to Spicers Peak Lodge for a celebratory next day lunch.
  • Spicers Canopy is only available for weddings between September-March and has a maximum of 5 spots available each year.
  • $5,500 per night books this lodge out exclusively and, incl. all meals and beverage package for up to 20 guests. Additional services, guests and Spicers Peak Lodge costs will be extra.

Stay tuned Brides, Lovebird Weddings, together with the Spicers Group have organised an Eco-Styled photo shoot at this venue…we’ll be profiling these images on our blog and facebook pages.

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